Common Myths About Pool Ownership

As much time as you may have already spent dreaming about having your own pool in the backyard, you may have also spent the same amount of time reading info online that’s holding you back. Many potential pool buyers back off from the idea of a backyard oasis because of certain misconceptions that make them change their minds at the last minute.

To save you hours of time, frustration, and uncertainty, we’ve compiled a list of common myths about pool ownership. Let’s take a look at them together to sort out the facts from the fiction. While no perfect pool exists, you can certainly own the pool of your dreams.

Myth: Pools Aren’t Worth the Upkeep and Maintenance

Let’s bust this myth that’s founded on unsubstantial data. Did you know that maintaining a pool is actually easier than routinely maintaining your car or your lawn? Today’s cost-effective technology offers maintenance and cleaning solutions that won’t break your back or the bank. With just a few easy-to-follow steps, you and your family can enjoy a refreshing oasis all season long. Responsible homeowners have nothing to worry about.

Myth: I Can’t Afford It This Year

Out of all the common myths about pool ownership, affordability is at the top of the list. Many homeowners put off the idea of pool ownership until “someday” because it’s an upfront investment. The facts are straightforward: pool cost is relative to pool type, pool size, and installation. A variety of reasonably priced options are potentially right in your reach.

Keep in mind that your pool will also help to reduce the costs of other seasonal expenses, such as recreational activities, vacations away from home, or community pool memberships. A unique and personal backyard oasis is not only possible but within your means.

Myth: A Pool Will Wreck My Backyard Aesthetic

You may have seen a few pool eyesores before, particularly above-ground pools that lack appealing aesthetic designs. However, the assumption that a pool will wreck your yard and curb appeal is truly false. Design is a choice. There are a plethora of attractive and aesthetically-pleasing pools on the market. With the right landscaping or decking, there are plenty of ways to pretty-up an above-ground pool.

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