Common Misconceptions About Hot Tubs

Are you currently picturing the perfect spa for your backyard oasis? Ready for convenient evening soaks and daily rejuvenating experiences? If you’ve heard myths swirling around about hot tubs’ cost and care, don’t believe the hype around industry fallacies. We’ve compiled a list of the most common misconceptions about hot tubs to bust. Here is the truth behind these matters set the record straight.

Myth Number One: Hot Tubs Require Too Much Cleaning

The amount of cleaning a typical hot tub needs is relatively simple and by no means extreme. A properly operating filtration system suffices to clean a tub from one day to the next. The truth is, hot tubs take less maintenance than one initially thinks. A quick check-over to determine proper sanitation is all you need to do each week. Testing and leveling sanitary chemicals for safety will easily become part of your weekly routine.

Myth Number Two: the Best Hot Tubs Contain the Most Jets

Bigger is not necessarily better. More is not necessarily better. The idea that large, numerous jets provide a better spa experience is one of the common misconceptions about hot tubs. Jam-packed jets may not target key areas for the ultimate massage experience.

Within the wide world of hot tubs and spas, any model can contain the right amount of jets for your preference. The fact is that the best tubs on the market aren’t the ones with the greatest number of jets or fancy features. Opting for a higher quantity of jets does not automatically mean you’re receiving the best value. Instead of focusing solely on the number of jets alone, consider the size and placement of the jets alongside the strength and quality of water flow.

Myth Number Three: Hot Tubs Are Expensive To Run

The latest energy-efficiency trends and hot tub technologies have put the rumor of costly running expenses to rest. The idea that hot tubs add exorbitant monthly expenses does not pertain to modern top-quality tubs with proper insulation, good seals, and efficient motors. You can purchase one worry-free without thinking heavily about your future bills.

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