Common Hot Tub Sanitation Tips and Hacks

Every week as you head out to take care of your hot tub, make sure you sanitize and balance the water. All those chemicals may seem overwhelming to you, especially if you’re a new hot tub owner. So let’s break down the process a little. Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is here with a few common hot tub sanitation tips and hacks to get you started.

Uncover the Tub

Of course, you must take the cover off your hot tub to add the sanitizing chemicals in the first place. But after you’ve sanitized the water, leave the tub uncovered for at least 20 minutes. If you cover it back up right away, you risk trapping potentially corrosive gases inside. Let the chemicals work in the open air to keep the cover and any vinyl and plastic safe from chemical damage.

Grab Some Tennis Balls

It sounds odd, but the fibers in tennis balls are particularly adept at soaking up any gunk in your water. If you have a 7-person spa hot tub that you regularly use for parties, banish excess body oils and residue from lotions or hair products. Put three or four tennis balls in your skimmer when you clean, or drop them straight into the water. Switch them for fresh ones once a week or more often if the tub gets lots of use.

Clean the Cover

Hot tub covers are notorious for developing weird, mildewy smells after a few months of use. Keep that funk from getting into your water by cleaning the cover with a diluted bleach solution (90 percent water, 10 percent bleach) every three months. Prevent your tub from getting musty by keeping its cover clean!

Use Vinegar on Jets

Do you live in an area with hard water? If so, your sanitation routine may look a little different. When hard water flows through your jets, they can develop nasty calcium buildups. The acid in simple white vinegar will easily break them down so that you can scrub them away with an old toothbrush. However, after you do so, make sure to balance the water to combat that extra acidity.

Whether you have a 7-person spa hot tub or a cozy tub for two, regular sanitation is crucial for enjoying a clean tub for years to come. These common hot tub sanitation tips and hacks are here to make the process as easy as possible. Follow these pointers regularly, and you’ll get many more years of use out of your tub from Haven Spa Pool & Hearth.