Benefits of Heating Your Home With a Pellet Fireplace

If you live in a northern climate, you must love the crisp splendor of a brisk winter day—or at the very least, you’ve learned to appreciate it. As lovely as winter can look sometimes, you still don’t want to bring any of that crisp splendor into your home. Heating your home is critical in the winter months, and with rising utility costs, doing so cost-effectively is more important than ever.

Fortunately, there’s an effective alternative. Pellet fireplaces provide efficient home heating that supplements your traditional gas or electric furnace, keeping households cozy and costs down. Let’s explore just a few benefits of heating your home with a pellet fireplace this winter.

Dollars and Sense

It always feels good when winter gives way to spring. It feels even better when spring brings a sizable tax refund. The Inflation Reduction Act has provided a generous tax credit of up to $2,000 for the installation of a high-efficiency biomass heating product—in other words, a pellet fireplace. With that much money coming back at tax time, you’ll feel as if you’re coming out ahead.

Sophistication With Simplicity

We appreciate the modern convenience of simply adjusting a thermostat to reach the ideal temperature at home, but we pay for that convenience on our utility bills. The allure of wood-burning heat had always been keeping costs down, but that doesn’t come without serious oversight and maintenance. One of the benefits of heating your home with a pellet fireplace is finding the best of both worlds, combining automatic operations and low maintenance with a way around costly natural gas.

Thinking Green

In the late 20th century, wood-burning stoves came back into vogue across rural New England. With plentiful firewood and rising costs of heating oil, relying on firewood didn’t just satisfy a back-to-the-land urge; it also seemed like the smart alternative. However, it wasn’t always the cleanest alternative. Pellet fireplaces burn more cleanly than traditional firewood, giving off less carbon dioxide and a small fraction of the particulate emissions that older stoves would yield. By dialing down your natural gas usage in favor of renewables, you’ll help create a more sustainable future.

Vintage Aesthetics With Modern Science

Let’s stay on the topic of that classic stove. The combined form and function of a pellet stove is a perfect complement to your family room or den. The selection of freestanding units in our fireplace store spans from neo-retro chic to modern sophistication, so whether you’re after rustic Yankee charm or West Coast cool in your home, a freestanding fireplace will be a perfect fit. If you hang your stockings by the chimney with care, we also feature pellet inserts. These upgrade your traditional fireplace into a highly efficient alternative to the dirt and drafts that plague old-fashioned models.

From hot tubs to fireplaces, Haven Spa Pool & Hearth is keeping the Portland area warm however we can all year long. Explore our selection of pellet fireplaces today and find the one that’s right for your home this winter.