Hot Tub Maintenance

New hot tub owners tend to feel overwhelmed at the thought of spa maintenance. The beauty of owning a hot tub is that maintenance is simple and takes a minuscule amount of time to complete. Nor do you need a hot tub expert to complete it.

Through regular maintenance, hot tub owners will be able to maintain their hot tubs for years to come. Here is a guide that details the basic hot tub maintenance.

Guide to Basic Hot Tub Maintenance

Protecting the Outside of a Hot Tub

Hot tub shells are typically made out of acrylic. The reason is they are simple to clean and nonporous material that does not allow dirt and germs to penetrate. Since hot tubs are normally installed outdoors, dust and other debris will accumulate on the outside of the hot tub. Wipe it down with a damp cloth at least once a week.

Never leave a hot tub exposed to the elements for a long period of time. UV rays and dirt are only two elements that will wear down a hot tub and quickly. Utilize a cover to bear the brunt of everything nature has to throw at the hot tub. Place a clean and dry vinyl covering over your hot tub after every use. If it becomes dirty, simply wipe it down and let it dry before covering.

Cleaning the Inside of a Hot Tub

In order to have clear, germ-free water in a hot tub, chemicals will need to be added. Chlorine, bromine, and baquanine are common water purifiers. Before adding any chemicals to the hot tub, consult with a professional.

Clean your filters regularly. Change about once a month when used regularly. A cracked or frayed filter must be changed. Along with a filter that is still dirty after cleaning.

After the first couple of attempts, you will soon become a hot tub maintenance pro. If you have any questions about how to care for your hot tub then look to Haven. We not only sell high-quality hot tubs but provide our customers with the information they need to keep their hot tub running for years.

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