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Awesome Above-Ground Pool Accessories

  • Posted on Feb 22, 2019
Awesome Above-Ground Pool Accessories

Above-Ground Pools offer a convenient, cost-effective, and portable solution for turning your backyard into a water haven for you and your family. In order to increase your pool’s safety and security; you’ve already invested in a number of optional features such as a pool fence, pool deck, safety stairs or ladder for going in and out of the pool safely, and a pool cover. However; if you want to increase your pool’s fun and wow factor, you will need a completely different set of accessories. Items that can turn your pool time into pool party time! Here are a few suggestions:

Waterproof Bluetooth Pool Speakers – Music makes every gathering a party! Have fun blasting tunes from waterproof Bluetooth Speakers and turn the music up. Most; if not all of them are designed to float above the water’s surface, and all of them allow you to wirelessly play tunes from your phone, laptop, tablet, or other smart device. Just be careful not to annoy your neighbors or disturb them with your dance, hip-hop, or Dubstep tunes.

Water Fountain – Nothing says fun and style like a water fountain in your pool. Some fountains feature built-in lights that create impressive light shows which are perfect for pool parties at night. You can choose from stationary fountains, spinning fountains, floating fountains, and even three-tier fountains.

Pool Lighting – And since we’re talking about night pool parties, you’ll need to have above-ground lighting for your above-ground pool. Most kits are user-friendly and let you install the lighting by yourself (just follow the instructions carefully!). The lighting not only increases visibility at night, but adds style and safety. Choose from the usual basic Halogen, basic LED, and rechargeable LED; or you can go for color-changing lights, and solar-powered lights.

Inflatable Movie Screen and Projector – Why not make your pool party a movie night as well? Get a projector and an inflatable screen to project your favorite movies poolside! Coupled with some inflatable Bluetooth Speakers, you can replicate that movie theater feel while you soak and unwind with family and friends.

You can never have enough bonding time with your friends and family. And with these above-ground pool accessories; there’s a good chance that you’ll want to hold your pool parties more often!

Haven Spa Pool Hearth offers the Summer Breeze Above-Ground Pool line that features easy construction, plus the portability and durability that make it your best choice for convenient, fast, and easy pool fun! We also offer Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, Fireplaces and Stoves; as well as Pools and Gazebos. Call us up at (503) 655-2900 or contact us online for all of your product and service inquiries; and for more information.

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