An Essential Guide To Hot Tub Jets

What would a hot tub be without its dynamic massaging jets? A large bathtub that’s merely full of hot water, that’s what. Jets are the fundamental element of hydrotherapy and have a critical function in the razzle and dazzle of a hot tub’s ultimate benefits. These jets come in various types, sizes, and powers to create the sensational sizzle that modern hot tub owners long for.

When you first glance at a tub or spa, it’s no easy feat to determine if the jets will deliver what you want. Recent innovations and updates have boosted their features and advantages to a level like never before. Let’s take a closer look at jet configurations to determine the best choice for you. Read on for an essential guide to hot tub jets.

The Basics: How Hot Tub Jets Work

Massage jets within contemporary hot tubs and spas function with engineering. For the greatest massage effect, it’s not solely about the number of jet pumps a spa has but rather the science and design behind the jets. There are several basic steps that create effective jet power.

First, a pump moves the water through the pipes. Then, an air intake valve mixes the air with the water. As the water moves onward, the diameter of the pipes decreases, creating better compression. Finally, the compressed water and air forcefully release through a tiny opening. The best jet spas on the market follow this process to maintain a balanced mix of water and air to control and optimize jet strength.

The Factors Creating Strong Jets

Hot tubs with powerful massage jets must use pumps with increased horsepower. The more jets there are, the more power is necessary. Keep in mind that jet placement and design are just as critical of aspects as jet power. Hot tubs with greater than one pump will contain a diverter known for redirecting power to particular areas or seating.

Aside from the number of water pumps, take into consideration the other factors contributing to massage strength. Consider the efficiency of plumbing, suitable air and water mixtures, jet opening sizes, and diversity of jet types. Be mindful that a multitude of high-powered jets actually tends to decrease water pressure and performance.

Popular Types of Jets and Spas

Next up on an essential guide to hot tub jets is a brief overview of jet power types. Rotating single-pulse jets and deep relief jets are ideal for the upper back, neck, and shoulder blades, while double-pulse jets, firm relief jets, and shower jets are suitable for the entirety of the back and spine. Target therapy jets are perfect for any targeted massage area.

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