Above Pool Safety Rules

With the summer months nearly upon us; it’ll soon be time to look for ways to cool down from the sun’s scorching heat. If you and your kids don’t feel like braving the crowds at the beach or local swimming pool; there’s another alternative: an above ground pool. Above Ground Pools offer the fun and enjoyment of full-size swimming pools in your own backyard while giving you the convenience of being able to relocate, take down, and easily put them away for storage when they’re not needed. This way; you and your kids can have a pool for the summer and then neatly keep it safely stored away once the season’s over. However, as with all other types of pools; your children’s safety is always a primary consideration. Investing in above ground pool safety features such as a pull-up and locking ladder, a pool cover, pool alarms, and a surrounding fence are all good ideas, but you will also need to instill the necessary discipline and responsibility in your kids to always observe proper safety behavior. As such, you and your spouse will need to talk to your kids about the safety rules that they will need to follow when using the above ground pool.

Here are some suggested rules for kids to follow when using the pool:

  • Children may not enter the pool without an adult who can swim.
  • Non-swimmers must be accompanied by adults who are proficient swimmers: one adult per child.
  • No running, pushing, or roughhousing is allowed when near or in the pool.
  • No jumping or diving is allowed when near or in the pool.
  • Swimming while sick or injured is prohibited.
  • The bringing of glass or electric items is allowed.
  • No swimming is allowed during thunderstorms.
  • Pool toys must be put away or safely removed when they are no longer being used.
  • Swimming alone is prohibited.
  • Night swimming is not allowed unless children are accompanied and supervised by adults who can swim.
  • If a child needs help; they should call the attention of the nearest adult immediately.

Your children need to realize that these rules aren’t meant to curtail their enjoyment, but to keep them safe while they enjoy their swim. Be sure to post a copy of these rules near the pool area where your kids (and their visiting friends) can see them. If you’re looking for an above ground pool this summer, Haven Spa Pool Hearth offers the Summer Breeze line of affordable, durable, and easy-to-assemble pools that come in a wide range of sizes. These pools are available in round or rectangular shapes, and are backed by a 10- year warranty. Contact us online for any questions about our products and services or get a quote online.