An Above Ground Pool is a fun investment for your family. You can spend entire weekends frolicking in the water with your kids and relatives, practicing strokes and laps, doing pool yoga, and generally beating the heat. Of course, it’s not all fun and games: above-ground pool safety is an important aspect of pool ownership; and you have a responsibility to make sure that your above ground pool conforms to local safety standards, and to take measures that will help avoid pool accidents, mishaps, and misuse. Your friends at Haven Spa Pool Hearth want to remind you to make your family’s pool time safe by giving you the following above-ground pool safety tips:

Use a ladder – A pool ladder, that is. A pull-up and locking ladder is essential for safely getting in and out of the pool. Hand rails and stair rails are another safety feature to consider; especially if you have younger children. Make sure that your ladder is properly installed and regularly cleaned. Make periodic checks to see if it is stable, and check for any cracks or other damage to it. Instruct your children never to play on, or sit on the ladder, and to observe proper weight limits when using it. Remove your ladder when the pool is not in use.

Fence it and Gate it – Most states require you to have some sort of barrier or pool fence surrounding your above ground pool. The barrier or above-ground safety fence must be from 4-6 feet in height (check your local codes to be sure). It must be non-climbable and must not have any gaps in it that are smaller than 3 inches in width. For pool gates, the above-ground safety fence should be of the self-latching or self-closing type. Create a secondary gate and fence if your pool is connected to your house by a deck, and test your gates often to make sure that they close and latch properly. We also recommend adding mesh fence panels for enhanced safety.

Use Alarms – There are a variety of pool alarms that are available to keep your above ground pool safe. There are door and gate alarms that alert you when the pool area has been broken into by a child or pet, surface and sub-surface wave pool alarms that sound off when someone or something has entered the water; as well as wearable pool alarms for kids. Choose which above-ground pool alarm or combination of alarms you will need to ensure your family’s pool safety.

Keep it covered – Above ground pools that have aluminum and wood decks surrounding them completely can be fitted with a Pool Safety Cover. Pool covers prevent access to the pool during the winter or when it’s not in use. They are essentially round, oval, or rectangular lids that can attach to your deck. Aside from restricting pool access, they also keep your pool and its water safe.

Keep Pool Chemicals Safe – You will also need to keep all of the chemicals that you use to clean and maintain the water in your pool safely out of reach of children. Make sure that all above-ground pool chemical containers are tightly closed and sealed. Keep pool chemicals safely separated from each other, store them at ground level, and observe proper storage and handling practices. Use dedicated containers and scoops for your above-ground pool chemicals, and keep dirt, leaves, and insects away from them.

Observe proper Electrical Safety – Electricity and water can be a dangerous combination. Above ground pools are usually built without any electrical hazards, but it’s what you connect to them that you need to be careful with. Connect Pool pumps and lights to GFCI outlets. DO NOT use extension cords for any electrical devices near or in the vicinity of the pool. Also, make sure that your pool lights are connected to GFCI circuits, and keep outlets and wires from being soaked. Inspect your electrical devices and circuits’ cables and switches regularly to avoid any electrical accidents and hazards.

 Use Signage – You can never go wrong with putting up signs around the pool area. These can range from your standard depth markers that can easily be applied to vinyl, ceramic tiles, and glass; to the classic pool signs such as “Slippery When Wet”, “No Diving, Shallow Water”, and “No Jumping”.

By practicing above-ground pool safety and responsible pool management, your pool will become a source of recreation and enjoyment for you and your loved ones for years to come.

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