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Above Ground Pool Games that will keep kids fit this summer (Part 1)

  • Posted on Aug 3, 2019

With the season of summer upon us; there are plenty of opportunities for kids to frolic and play in the sun: they can play sports and do activities, such as biking, that will help keep them healthy. However; a lot of kids these days would rather stay at home, playing games on their computer or console rather than exercise or go outside. How can you get them to engage in strenuous physical activities?

If you own an above-ground pool; then you can maximize its use by getting kids to exercise and keep fit while playing fun water games in the pool. You could invite their friends and relatives and hold a “Pool Olympics” party with games and prizes for all. Here are some of our game suggestions:

Marco Polo – This game is a poolside classic. It can be played with two or more players. Choose one player to be “it”, and have them close their eyes or blindfold them. Then the “it” player counts to a certain number (you decide what the number is: maybe 20 or 30, to give the other players time), and while they are counting, have the rest of the players scatter around the pool. Once the game starts; the “it” player calls out “Marco” and the other players answer by calling out “Polo”. The “it” player tries to find and tag the other players by using only the sound of their voice. When another player has been tagged; that player becomes the new “it” and play resumes.

Scavenger Hunt – Pick a number of items that are heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the pool, but are not sharp or made of potentially-dangerous materials such as glass (Or different-colored hoops that can fit through kids’ arms). Next, divide the players into two teams.  Have one member from each tea stand at opposing sides or corners of the pool. Then, call out the name/color of one of the objects/rings and say “Go!” upon which both players will scramble to find the item at the bottom of the pool. For an extra challenge, make up riddles for each of the items. The first team to collect all of the items/rings wins.

Do you want more suggestions? Check out more above-ground pool games in the second installment of this article.

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