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A Basic Guide to Hot Tub Decorum

  • Posted on Jan 20, 2019
A Basic Guide to Hot Tub Decorum

The Hot Tub is the perfect venue for unwinding and relaxing with friends and family; or with your special someone. The best way to experience a long soak in the tub is when everyone observes the proper decorum and follows some basic guidelines that will ensure an enjoyable time for all. Here are some things to keep in mind before and during Hot Tub Time:

It’s not a Bathtub – Before you even set foot inside the Hot Tub; you and the other participants should already be clean. Though it has soothing bubbles; the Hot Tub shouldn’t be treated like a bathtub. Take a shower before soaking; avoiding lotions, deodorants, conditioners, and oils that will make the water cloudy and cause the filter to work harder.

No Diving – This may seem like an unnecessary warning; but Hot Tubs aren’t made for diving or jumping into. And yet, some people will still do that (perhaps when they’ve had too much alcohol or wine). Please refrain from risky or rowdy behavior at the Hot Tub: remember; you’re here to relax and unwind. (Pro tip: avoid serving alcohol during Hot Tub Time).

Wear Bathing Attire – Although there are no laws (at least that we know of) that prohibit you from soaking au naturel in the Hot Tub; when you’re with friends or family, wearing the proper bathing attire can keep things from getting…well…awkward. Bathing attire is appropriate in this case, as these tubs are usually located outside, and people will often get out of the tub at times for snacks or drinks. Be sure though; that your bathing attire is completely clean: that is, with no residue of laundry detergent that will cloud the water.

Kids and Pets – Pets (no matter how clean) shouldn’t be allowed into the Hot Tub. It is not a very hygienic idea, it’s dangerous for the pets, and their fur will clog up the filter and cloud the water. Kids, on the other hand, can step in as long as they are supervised by their parents or guardians. Children; especially young children; should never be left alone in the Tub.

Hot Tub time is great when it’s shared with the people you love. Just follow the rules and observe proper behavior so that you will be able to get the most out of it.

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