5 Hottest Backyard Hot Tub Trends in 2022

The backyard is one of the best places for your family and friends to hang out throughout the year. You can easily become cramped and uncomfortable when inside the home, whereas when you’re outside, you have the whole world to spread out. People fill up their backyards with fire pits and hot tubs. But folks are starting to do things a little differently this year. Here are a few hot tub trends that are sure to be hot in 2022 and spread like wildfire.

1. Sustainability

In a world where everyone is thinking about going green and being more sustainable, people are looking for ways to make their hot tubs sustainable as well. Recent trends in the industry strive for energy efficiency and an overall lower carbon footprint. Some come with self-diagnostic technology to control and monitor temperature levels to prevent unnecessary energy use.

2. Swim Spas

People love hot tubs, but their small size has always limited some buyers from dipping their toes into the hot tub world. Thankfully, there are more swim spas than before. People can use these larger tubs like a pool because they are double the size of traditional hot tubs. Swim spa jets allow you to practice your swimming strokes all in the comfort of your own hot tub.

3. Hydrotherapy

Hot tubs have been wonderful for soothing people, but there has been a greater focus on their therapeutic properties as of late. Recent innovations include hot tubs equipped with hydrotherapy jets and a more ergonomic design. This way, the heat and massage capabilities can promote all kinds of excellent health benefits for anyone who uses them.

4. Hot Tub Oasis

Another significant trend sees many people incorporating their hot tubs into their yard’s architecture. A hot tub can look out of place, and more people are styling the area around the tub to make it look natural and oasis-like. Lighting, stairs, wooden framing, plants, and bird baths all make these hot tubs look natural and more fitting with the yard’s aesthetic.

5. Lounge Areas

For some people, hot tubs are the only attraction in their backyard. But many folks use them as an excellent start for their outdoor lounge areas. Sometimes, people want to get out of the hot tub but don’t want to go inside yet. People have begun installing patio seating, lounge areas, and even outdoor refrigerators. This way, a cold drink is never too far away when you’re in the hot tub.

These were the five hottest backyard hot tub trends in 2022, and if you don’t know anyone meeting them, you may need to do it yourself. If you’re looking for hot tub dealers in Portland, Oregon, look no further than Haven Spa Pool & Hearth. We can help you find the right modern hot tub to meet your needs.