5 Essential Pool Supplies You Should Always Have on Hand

Properly caring for your pool is the only way to generate a safe and relaxing environment for summertime fun! As you’re getting ready to open your pool, remember the five essential supplies you should always have on hand.

Skimmer Net

Leaves, sticks, insects, and other debris will fall onto the surface of the pool throughout the summer. You don’t want to swim alongside it, so clear it out. A skimmer net is an attachment placed onto a telescopic pole to catch all these unwanted items with ease. It’s a quick fix so you can get back to swimming.

Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum is a great resource for a deep clean. You can choose from several types to accommodate your pool-cleaning needs.

Robotic pool vacuums don’t run from the pool pump and can minimize electricity usage. They’re easily installed at the bottom of the pool and will run on command, often through an app.

A handheld pool vacuum allows you to extract unwanted items manually. It contains a bristle, suction features, a filter, and a compartment to trap debris. It’s an inexpensive way to clean the walls and floor of the pool.

Water Test Kit

How do you know if the pool water is safe for a swim? Pools include various chemicals to control the quality of the water. A water test kit is the best way to establish if your pool is at the proper levels to swim.

The water test kit evaluates the pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. If any of the levels appear below or above the desired range, you may need to add a variety of chemicals or sanitizers to adjust the water.

Water-Balancing Chemicals

In addition to the test kit, you should have a few chemicals handy to resolve any water imbalances. Increaser and decreaser chemicals are valuable for managing the pool’s pH level. Imbalanced chemicals are among the most common issues your pool will endure throughout the season.

Another helpful sanitizer is a pool shock. Over time, the sanitation levels will drop. The pool shock will spike the sanitation levels quickly to ensure the pool is safe and clean for swimming.

Pool Thermometer

Instead of guessing if the pool is at the proper temperature, let the pool thermometer tell you! A pool thermometer does more than let you know if the pool is the desired temperature for a swim. You never want to swim in a pool that is too hot and could cause your body to overheat. On the other end, you never want to swim when it’s too cold to avoid hypothermia.

If you notice the water is too hot or cold, it could also indicate that the pool heater isn’t functioning properly. A pool thermometer alerts you of a potential complication that needs resolving.

When you’re searching for your dream hot tub spa pool, including these pool supplies you should always have on hand is essential! They allow you to conduct proper upkeep so your pool is always pristine for the summertime.