4 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace for Spring

Blooming flowers, green leaves on trees, and the faint smell of spring rain lingering in the air. You want your home to reflect the beauty of spring weather. Decorating the fireplace is one way to incorporate the elements into your home.

Read on to find out four simple ways to decorate your fireplace for spring!

Create a Focal Point of the Design on the Mantel

A mantel on the fireplace is a gorgeous addition to a fireplace. But the fireplace needs a little extra pizazz to transform the living area.

You first need to create a focal point on the mantel in the center. Some of the most common focal points are mirrors, art pieces, and framed photographs. From there, you can begin decorating each side to create a balanced mantel.

Choose a Bright Color Palette

When you think of spring, you think of bright flowers and greenery. Consider the current colors of your home and how you can develop radiant décor that pairs well together.

White vases can go with yellow and purple flowers. Gold candlesticks can contrast with white candles. A few books may work well with pastel colors. Through trial and error, you’ll find just the right pieces and hues that suit your home in the springtime.

Colors That Complement Each Other

As you choose these colors, keep in mind the palette of the fireplace, as well. Colors that are too similar may blend into the background. Instead, you want these colors to pop! Pairing complementary colors with a bright color palette is one of the quickest ways to create a perfectly decorated fireplace.

Add Décor at the Base of the Hearth

The mantel isn’t the only way to decorate a fireplace. To continue balancing the composition of the entire fireplace, you must add décor at the base of the hearth! Continue the theme of candlesticks or use large vases with tall greenery. It’ll connect the two parts of the fireplace and enhance the décor.

Using the Wall Space When You Don’t Have a Mantel

When you don’t have a mantel, don’t fear! There are still ways to decorate your fireplace for spring. Two of the most popular décor pieces to add above the fireplace are artwork and a mirror.

For springtime, artwork with shades of green and hints of yellows, pinks, and oranges is ideal. No matter the style, whether it’s abstract or realistic, this piece of artwork will shine throughout the space.

Mirrors are ideal because they create a brighter and more open living space. Most homeowners choose a slimmer mirror that’s circular rather than a bulky, rectangular one. Its sleek and modern appearance feels radiant and inviting in the springtime.

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