3 Tips on Purchasing a Cover for Your Above-Ground Pool

Pools are what everyone flocks to on a hot summer day, and your above-ground pool is the place to be. Above-ground pools, overall, are great because they are durable, portable, and affordable. However, many people fail to remember that they should properly maintain it, even when they’re no longer swimming for the season. Here are three tips on purchasing a cover for your above-ground pool to keep it protected throughout the year.

Understand Your Pool Needs

Are you still using your pool heavily, or do you think you’re done with it for the year and ready to close it up for the winter? You must ask yourself these questions to determine the pool cover you need. Throughout the summer, you can use pool covers like a solar blanket cover, which preserves the pool’s heat. Then switch to solid winter covers to keep your pool protected through the winter. Meanwhile, mesh covers can help keep leaves and debris out all year long. Learn the pool cover differences before buying any to guarantee that they meet your specific needs.

It’s an Investment

Another thing you need to consider when looking at pool covers is that they are an investment. A pool cover will protect the pool from freezing and leaves from getting into it, and it will also prevent stains and algae growth. You will want to find a sturdy pool cover that can stand up to the elements, but it can be easy to be drawn away from this fact and toward a lower price tag. Some pool owners opt for the cheaper options that they can throw away at the end of the season. Instead, you should purchase a cover that can last for many years and protect your pool all along the way.

You Will Still Need To Do Some Work

It is important to know that when you purchase a pool cover, your job is not done once it is on the pool. Many covers will require regular maintenance to stay in the best condition to protect your pool. You should remove debris and leaves regularly as their weight can damage your cover, leaving your pool open to the elements. On top of this, you may need to prep your pool beforehand. Before closing it for the season, you should drain your pool a little and invest in an air pillow to prevent ice from damaging your pool walls and liner during low temperatures.

These were three tips on purchasing a cover for your above-ground pool, but if you are still looking for a pool, look no further than Haven Spa Pool & Hearth. We have the best options for pools in Portland, Oregon, that you will enjoy all summer and for years to come.