Hot Tub Safety

Dipping into a relaxing spa or hot tub in the middle of frigid winter temperatures can be extremely satisfying. But as with any time of year, hot tub safety needs to be forefront in your mind. It’s important to stay safe around pools and tubs, and winter brings with it some important additional precautions. Haven Spa Pool Hearth has collected a few of these to help you be aware during your winter relaxation.

Be Careful with Covers

Ideally, use gloves to remove the cover of your spa or tub. There is a risk of having your hands or fingers frozen to the cover if they get wet, and if the cover gets splashed, it can freeze to the spa or hot tub and cause damage. Clear any ice or snow off the cover as much as possible before trying to remove it.

Keep Warm & Dry After

When it’s cold outside, getting out of a warm spa or tub into the chilly air can be hazardous to your health, so plan ahead. Have nice, thick towel or robe within easy reach as soon as you climb out and have something between your feet and the cold ground. A towel works great for that, too. Be especially cautious of slick areas that may become icy during the winter.

Stay Hydrated

Though it might not seem like it, using your hot tub can dehydrate you. Of course, you may not want to have the same chilled drinks you enjoy by the poolside during the summer, but it’s still advisable to have something, even if it’s a warm or room-temperature beverage to hydrate with.

We at Haven Spa Pool Hearth want to help you enjoy your spa or hot tub all year long, and hope that these tips will help you do that. For more information about how to use or maintain your spa or tub in the winter, or about installing one, contact us any time!