3 Scheduled Maintenance Tips for 7-Person Hot Tubs

Your favorite place to gather with friends and family also requires regular maintenance throughout the year. If you aren’t sure how to care for your seven-person hot tub, read these three scheduled maintenance tips to remember.

Test the Water Twice a Week

Checking the hot tub’s water is an important task to add to your list. Test the water at least twice a week to confirm it’s safe for everyone. You never want to risk anyone’s safety because you forgot to test the quality of the water before using the hot tub.

What elements are you testing for? First, ensure sufficient sanitizer to eliminate bacteria or algae growth. If you notice below-average sanitizer, add chlorine to the water and test it again.

Next, test the pH of the water. The level should settle around 7.2–7.8. Any pH lower than 7 is too acidic, and anything above 7.8 is scale-forming. The middle ground establishes a balanced mixture of chemicals so the water is safe for use.

Drain, Sanitize, and Refill the Water Four Times a Year

Everyone loves a fresh and clean water supply that makes the hot tub feel brand new! With many people utilizing the hot tub, it’s more likely to fill with debris quickly. Draining, sanitizing, and refilling the tub are scheduled maintenance tasks you should never skip for your seven-person hot tub.

Many hot tub owners prefer to conduct detailed cleaning four times a year, or every three months. It provides a purely cleansed area more suitable for everyone who uses the hot tub.

First, drain all the water from the tub. Then, you can deep clean the interior. Vacuum any debris you can see on the surface. Sanitize the seats and around the jets. Avoid using household sanitation products on the tub’s interior. Instead, use surface cleaners designed for hot tubs. They’re more reliable and safer for contact with water once the hot tub is running again.

Finally, you can refill the tub with fresh water and add the necessary chemicals to restore the hot tub to its previous status.

Clean the Filter and Replace It Every 6 to 9 Months

Each 7-person spa hot tub can heat and pump water through its jets to support the size and usage. Your hot tub will be the center of socialization all year, so the filters will eventually wear out and become inefficient at blocking debris from entering the tub.

Replace the spa filter every six to nine months, depending on the frequency of use. Between that period, clean the filter twice per month. You can quickly clean the filter by rinsing and soaking it in hot tub filter cleaner. Rinse it once more and allow it to air dry. With frequent maintenance, your filter will last for months and keep the tub clean.