Hot Tub Maintenance

While enjoying the hot tub during the winter is fun and relaxing, it comes with additional maintenance challenges to consider. Naturally, choosing to close your tub for the winter will also involve some work, and we recommend our earlier article on closing your tub for the winter for details on that process. In this article, your team at Haven Spa Pool Hearth has put together some guidance on how to keep your hot tub running right during the winter.

Replace the Water

One of the first things you should do in anticipation of winter weather is changing the water. This can be done even once the cold arrives, but of course, changing hot tub water in cold winter air is not a pleasant experience. While it’s empty, give the tub a nice, thorough cleaning. This step is your opportunity to ensure that your tub is in good condition before the cold comes and it becomes difficult to work on.

Keeping It Hot

The biggest challenge for hot tub owners in the winter is keeping the heat in the hot tub. Not only can the cold weather sap the heat (and thus the enjoyment) from your tub, but it can also drive up your energy bill as your tub tries to maintain the heat. Ensuring that your tub is energy efficient is a good start for avoiding this problem, but there are other helpful steps you can take.

  • Quality Covers: Most temperature loss happens right at the surface of the water. Make sure your hot tub cover is in good condition so that it can stop that from happening. Investing in a good cover can save a lot in energy bills.
  • Thermal Blanket: Not the kind you keep in your car, but a thermal blanket specifically for your hot tub is a great way to keep it heated when not in use, further helping you lower energy costs.

Maintain Water Levels

We recommend you carefully check your water levels at regular intervals; twice a week being ideal, but at least once a week is necessary. If the level falls below a certain point, your hot tub pump and/or heater might shut down, meaning nothing will stop your water from freezing, which can cause serious damage to the tub and its components.

In Conclusion

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy your hot tub all winter long, and not have to stress about a climbing energy bill. For more information about how to use or maintain your spa or hot tub in the winter, or to learn more about getting one installed, contact us any time!