3 Considerations When Choosing a Hot Tub Dealer

Hot tubs are great additions to any home because they are lovely relaxation spots that everyone can enjoy at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, the process of buying one can seem a little daunting as there are a lot of factors to consider. Your first step is finding the right place to purchase the tub. Here are a few considerations you should take into account to choose the right hot tub dealer.


Cost is arguably the main factor everyone considers when choosing a particular hot tub model, but you need to consider it when choosing your hot tub dealers as well. Some hot tub dealers may have similar models as other dealers, but the price points could be completely different. The upfront cost isn’t the only place where the prices may differ. Some hot tub dealers have hidden costs not included in the listed hot tub price, such as installation, site prep, and future repairs. Some hot tub dealers will have financing options to initially make purchasing a hot tub easier on your wallet. Still, you should always compare it with offers from other dealers to ensure you get the best overall deal.

Store Reputation

Much like cost, you need to consider the store where you purchase the hot tub. Many big box stores sell hot tubs, but it is often not their specialty. As a result, these suppliers may not know all the intricacies of purchasing a hot tub. Instead, they will try to sell you their most expensive model without getting to know who you are and your needs. They may advertise that they have sales and low-cost deals, but it’s always better to purchase your tub from a store that knows its products inside and out.


You will get much better serviceability when you go with a specialized hot tub supplier than with a big box store. Hot tubs are temperamental and can easily get thrown off their equilibrium and require service after prolonged use. You want to purchase your hot tub from a supplier who offers warranty support.

It is also vital that your hot tub retailer educates you about chemical use and the different spa functions of your tub. With this knowledge, you can install and use your tub to its fullest capabilities instead of having it break and gather dust as it remains forgotten and unrepaired.

These are three considerations you need to make when choosing a hot tub dealer to get the best quality hot tub that is right for you. At Haven Spa Pool, we can help you find the perfect hot tub for you, and we also have seven-person hot tubs for sale that you and your friends and family can enjoy for years to come.